Marketing For Authors!

Our March meeting is Saturday 11-1 at Aqua Fit in Plano. 1400 Summit Ave , Ste D-2, Plano, Tx 75074, Plano, TX 75074

Join us for Audra Lewandowski’s presentation on marketing for authors and lunch at BJ’s afterwwards.


Yes, Facebook is your friend.

There are several key things every author needs to be successful. This month will we will learn what they are.

Mia London (we can call her Audra) has 5 books indie published in romance. However, her background is business. Her degree is in Business Administration, she runs a design firm (going on 14 years), and she’s started a non-profit in 2008. Marketing is second nature to her.

Did you know Facebook has 1.79 Billion visitors a month worldwide? This is a number that cannot be denied. If you have only one presence on social media, pick Facebook.

Do not worry that the information will be over your head (or under). There will be something for everyone. Also, she will give us other tips (secrets) on Marketing our businesses, and ultimately sell more books!

So load up your laptops and notepads, and get ready to learn all the insight she can give us in an hour. Audra is high-energy, gregarious, and wants this talk to be interactive. Bring your Facebook questions.