October Workshop

Join us on Saturday for our October meeting!

Join us for an exciting workshop covering common errors writers make when writing military and police heroes with Kendra Williams, owner of Tactical Writers. She’s bringing Joe (LAST NAME REDACTED), a former Navy SEAL. He’ll take over to discuss basic operations tactics in a war theater, moving into common arms and explosives in war theater. Questions welcome, he will answer everything he can within national security boundaries. He isn’t big on publishing his photos online, so you’ll have to come to the meeting to find out what he looks like.

Joe was in the Navy and teams for 13 years and medically retired a few years ago. His missions were numerous and included all major theaters including both Iraq and Afghanistan, and many more that you’ve likely seen a movie about in the last few years. He still works in his skill set with his own private security company taking both government and private sector jobs and details.

Kendra has been a proof reader as well as line and copy editor for a handful of years. Now she only works with a handful of authors because she’s a harsh editor that gives honest revisions regarding plot, story, authenticity, and especially continuity.

We’ll meet on Saturday, October 28 at our fabulous Collin College Courtyard Campus location at 9:30.