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The heroine's journey is a mythic quest that has its origins in the monomyth. This webinar explicates Maureen Murdock's conception of the heroine's journey step by step with complete examples from contemporary film to reveal an-age-old and successful storytelling pattern that creative writers can adapt to their novels.


Nadia Salem is a professor of creative writing and has taught mythic structure at Northwestern and Georgetown Universities. Her book, The Monomyth Reboot, is about how to work with the hero and heroine’s journey in story, and she’s also slated to present at the Spring Fling Writers' Conference in 2024.


You’ll learn how to use the Audiobook Retailer, how to get your book into Audio and into your fans ears. Every step from Audible to Spotify, in depth with support materials you can keep.

You must register to attend this workshop, which is taking place in a Sessions meeting. Click this link to register for the workshop:


Schedule of Events:

8:30am – 9:30am Breakfast ($15 charge to be paid on arrival, cash or checks accepted).

9:30am – 9:45am – Short turnover meeting

9:45am - 10am – break and socializing

9:50 am – Zoom will open for virtual attendees.

10am: Keynote Speaker Linda Castillo


The DARA tradition of a holiday raffle continues, with many great items being donated. 

If you’d like to donate a basket or item to the raffle, please contact Janet at 



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