Past Programs




Here's a sampling of the speakers DARA has had

in the last few years. We hope you'll decide to join us

in this dynamic organization.


2020 Speakers for DARA:


January: Adrianna Herrera, Author

            “Domestic Violence in Romance: Telling the

            Stories Survivors Need”


February: Amy Tasukada, Author

            “Exploring the Rainbow”


March: LaQuette, Author

            “Critical Lens: Insights into Perspective


April: Sasha Summer, Author

            “Creating a Series Bible”


May: Sherry Thomas, Author

            “Evoking Emotion on the Page”


June: Robin Covington, Author

            “Picturing the End: Unleashing the PFM* to create a story your readers cannot                           put down. (Pure Effing Magic)”


July: Amy Fisher, MidContinental Library

            “What Librarians Wish Authors Knew”


August: Mel Jolly, Author Assistant & Motivational Speaker

            “Get Your *Stuff* Together: Organization for Creatives”


September: Jaye Wells, Author: Conflict


October: Kathleen Baldwin, Author:

            “The Future of Storytelling: changes in the way we tell tales”


December Holiday Party: Holly Ingraham, Editor

            “Make these Habits your 2021 Publishing Goals”



2019 Speakers for DARA:


March: Candace Havens

            “'Revision Hell’: a system to attack your manuscript and polish it to perfection"


April: Jenn LeBlanc, Photographer

            “How to Get a Great Cover & Not Get Arrested in the Process”


April Special Workshop: Damon Suede: Verbalize


May: Michael Peterson:

            “The Business of Books: Selling your Product


June: Melissa Blue

            “Making Consent Sexy"


July: Unconference: Meetup and brainstorm


August: Addison Fox

            “Anatomy of a SALE”


September: Tracy Brogan

            “Small Moment / Big Stories


October: Piper Hugeley

            “Stay Sweet: Keeping the Door Closed and the Romance Warm”


October Special Workshop: Tami Cowden

            “Hero v Villain: Developing Plot with Protagonists/ Antagonists

December Holiday Party: Becca Syme

            “Know your Writer Strengths”

tracy brogan oct 2019.jpg
Tracy Brogan talks to DARA about Small Moments in October 2019