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Author Life Fix with Tracee Lydia Garner

No matter where you are in your author career, it's never too late (nor too early for my soon-to-be-published authors) to take an aerial view of ALL The THINGS that make up your author life. In this workshop, we'll take time to do just that: audit (and prepare to fix) your author career one section at a time! I know that sounds painful, but if it meant more efficiency, more clarity, maybe even more time saving, money saving, money earning strategies that could be realized, and peace of mind to be had, wouldn't you try? Yes? Sound good now?

In this session, I'll quickly overview how to get your goals straight for your publishing career path-whatever that is- offer questions, thought provoking scenarios and plenty of tools for increased efficiency. All of this will provide you with a way to canvass your career, assessing what needs fixing (that's right now), and what can wait to help you make a solid, thorough plan, and move it! Plus they'll be plenty of free, useful goodies in the Google folder for this workshop that I'll be sharing with you.

Let's Fix all the parts of your Author Life, and turn it into a long, exciting and lucrative career!

Tracee Garner Bio:

Tracee Lydia Garner is an international best-selling author of almost 20 books; a motivating speaker, humorous writer and book coach helping aspiring authors write to publication or a coveted book deal and finish a solid manuscript for today's market/readers. Tracee writes fiction and nonfiction depicting African Americans triumphing over adversity and meeting success whether that be in love, or life pursuits. Tracee loves public speaking, teaching workshops, and talking about the craft of writing at every opportunity. Tracee is a virtual instructor, having taught at the community college level, and at the Writer's Studio of Rosemont College in PA, teaching has become an extension of her motivating brand. Tracee holds a BS in Communications and continues to make her home outside the DC metropolitan area with her family.

Visit her website at

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