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January 2022 New Releases

A.C. Cockerill

First Star, Evening Star Series Book 3

December 14, 2021


221 pages

Fourth Published Novel (Also published 4 short stories and 1 novella.)

FIRST STAR is a near-future romance and cozy mystery blend set on a ranch northwest of Dallas, Texas.

Intern Josey Morningstar teams up again with her sisters, Paige and Blair, and Nana to solve a new mystery at the Evening Star Ranch B&B. Police detective Ross Dunvegan joins the amateur detective team to solve the mystery of Ed Kingston's key. Can Josey solve this mystery, decide between becoming a police officer or a private investigator, and find love along the way?


Rebecca Stevenson

Lonewild Winter

December 28, 2021


212 pages

3rd in Wentworth Cove series

Watercolorist Reagan Hart and her twelve-year-old daughter Meredith have lived in New York City all their lives, but when Reagan hears that her ex-husband will be released from prison early, they change their last name, relocate to a small coastal town in Maine, and lease a house from a feisty octogenarian.

Brett Mason takes care of his aunt's estate, including Lonewild, now that she's moved to an assisted living facility, but he has trust issues of his own... and a tendency to butt in where he's not wanted.

Jared Loper will stop at nothing to find his wife and daughter. Even if it means violating parole and the possibility of being sent back to prison.

The lives of these five people are about to intersect on the scenic streets and shores of Wentworth Cove.


Carolyn Rae

Romancing the Doctor

January 22, 2022

(received rights back, republished with new cover)

Despite being newly divorced, Heather McKinley is thrilled to discover she is finally pregnant. While he’d rather be pursuing Heather, brilliant CDC researcher, Daniel Whistler, is called back to investigate a mutated virus more deadly than the original Rift Valley Fever, which also causes sterility. Devastated by her miscarriage, Heather joins him in the search for the perpetrator who’s dispersing the virus in U.S. cities and even on a Caribbean cruise ship. Their love for each other deepens, but secrets each hold threaten to pull them apart.

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