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May 2021 New Releases

New Romance Releases from DARA Authors

Cowboy Fire

Smokin' Hot Cowboys, Book 8

May 25, 2021

Sourcebooks Casablanca

90,000 Words

Mass Market Paperback

This cowboy is more than just a perfect face...

Violet Ashwood arrives in Wildcat Bluff County with one agenda: convince the hunky Mr. July from the Wildcat Bluff Fire Rescue's annual benefit calendar to be the face—and body—of her new lonely hearts online dating service. She didn't count on his firm refusal, nor did she count on seeing him again. Until she discovers he's her new landlord.

Kemp Lander, aka Mr. July, wants nothing to do with Violet's schemes to make him a model for her Cowboy Chat Corral, particularly once he finds out she fudged the truth on her rental contract by claiming she was a cowgirl. He's got enough problems trying to keep trespassers off his ranch and doesn't need the distraction of his sexy renter.

All Violet and Kemp want is to save their livelihoods and have their lifelong dreams realized. But it'll take joining forces and discovering they're better together to finally meet their goals.

The smokin' hot men of Wildcat Bluff aren't just cowboys—they're firefighter cowboys! Kim Redford writes contemporary cowboy romance like you've never seen it before!

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