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Romancing the Tropes

We all know tropes are important to writing romance. Heck, many of our readers ask for them by name, “Best friend’s little sister? I love those stories!” But are we using them as effectively as we can? After all, we know our readers love them, so why not wring every last bit of story juice out of them?

In this workshop, we’ll whip tropes into shape so your books become one-click material. We’ll talk about why tropes are essential, what separates them from cliches, and how we can use them in specific ways to create original stories that resonate with our readers. We’ll talk tropes and romance and have a pretty good time doing it!

Join us for a short social time at 9 am central time, followed by a brief business meeting at 9:30 am. Our speaker starts about 10 am.

DARA meetings are held the fourth Saturday of each month from January to October. We're currently meeting on Zoom -- to invite a friend, please contact our Membership Chair, Priya Ardis, at

About Jennifer Hilt

I’m a USA Today Bestselling author who has worked as a plotter and concept creator. I’ve written 24 books across four pen names. I have degrees in linguistics and literature. I live in Seattle with my family and my canine fan club. I love collecting dictionaries in unfamiliar languages, bingeing Scandi-Noir streaming series, and shouting out tropes from the comfort of my couch.

You can learn more about Jennifer at


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