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The Heroine's Journey - Mapping The Mythic Quest In Romance

Nadia Salem

The heroine's journey is a mythic quest that has its origins in the monomyth. This webinar explicates Maureen Murdock's conception of the heroine's journey step by step with complete examples from contemporary film to reveal an-age-old and successful storytelling pattern that creative writers can adapt to their novels.


Nadia Salem is a professor of creative writing and has taught mythic structure at Northwestern and Georgetown Universities. Her book, The Monomyth Reboot, is about how to work with the hero and heroine’s journey in story, and she’s also slated to present at the Spring Fling Writers' Conference in 2024.


As a mythopoeic scholar, Nadia Salem researches mythic structures in narrative throughout literature and film. By understanding mythology’s influence in creating classics, bestsellers, and blockbusters, she studies cross-cultural, genre-bending, marginalized stories for popular and political impact. Nadia has a doctorate in English and Creative Writing from Aberystwyth University and a doctorate in law from Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law. Her academic interests are in law & literature, mythopoesis, and transmodernism. She has taught mythic structure at Georgetown University and Northwestern University and currently serves as faculty at DePaul University. Nadia is also a playwright, having authored several produced plays about the American immigrant BIPOC experience.


Visit her website at

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