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New Releases

New Releases

Title: Immortal Seduction: An Enchanted Rock Immortals Box Set Vol 3.

Author: Amanda Reid

Date of Publication: May 7, 2024

Print Length: 364 Pages

Type: Kindle

File Size: 4306 KB

First Sale / Subsequent: Subsequent sale.

Blurb: If you long for an action-packed, PNR series, you'll love this box set which includes three previously-published books from Amanda Reid's contributions to The Enchanted Rock Immortals shared world: The Demon's Choice, The Vampire's Vendetta,and The Fae's Future.Though they may reference other storylines and contain characters within the larger world, all can be read as stand alones, all have deep world-builds, and all have a happily ever after!

The Demon’s Choice

Human paranormal Terri Porter did a monumentally stupid thing—she betrayed her North American Council Security coworkers to free her brother from loan sharks. Now one of those coworkers, the handsome demon Berith Lequare, is assigned to keep her alive long enough for redemption.

In a paranormal world where nothing is guaranteed, blood is a commodity, and threats lay around every corner, can Terri and Berith stay alive long enough to defeat the ghosts of their pasts and choose true love?

The Vampire’s Vendetta

Former CIA operative Caro Kavenaugh finished her mission: contract to become a vampire and kill the biter who murdered her sister. Now a free vampire, she encounters everything she doesn’t want to need—panty-dropping demon, Westryn Natain.

West could use Caro’s skills, but but he hasn’t been alive this long not to recognize such an intriguing temptation might be a rival blood-smuggler’s assassin.

When Caro proves herself indispensable both in the heat of battle and in the resurrection of his cold heart. Can West reveal his secret to her, or will his inability to trust cost the lives of thousands…including his own?

The Fae’s Future

To rescue his sister, notorious jewel thief Xavier Roundtree kidnaps a crack psychic information analyst, “Cheese.” Shocked by her beauty and intelligence, he fights his attraction—his sister’s life is too valuable to be sidetracked by this voluptuous enchantress.

Brie is happy to help this handsome elf since he’ll pay more than her salary. Though initially wary of his playboy charm, she soon finds the notorious fae not just an enigma she must solve, but also an irresistible temptation.

When each holds the the key to the other’s salvation, can they trust each other and find their future together, or will their pasts destroy any chance at love?

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