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April 2022 New Releases

Janet Leigh

Denim, Diamonds and Deep 6

Book 6 in the Jennifer Cloud Series

April 12, 2022


375 pages

Paris 1912 is only the beginning.

Relentless time traveler Jennifer Cloud wants a little one-on-one time with her man and possibly, if it’s not asking too much, a proposal. But when a mysterious brigand sabotages her fellow time travelers and disrupts her love life, Jen must embark on a very dangerous vacation.

As Jen searches for the brigand, she discovers a valuable gem has been stashed amongst the trunks of a wealthy socialite destined to board the Titanic. The problem is the socialite’s name is on the list of lost souls from that horrible night, April 14, 1912.

Jen must be brave enough to defy her boss, board the ship of dreams, and help her sexy defender capture the brigand whilst not jumping his bones before they hit the infamous iceberg.

Will she succeed in saving the gem, or will her conscience force her to save the lot, avoid mass mayhem, and change history?

AUTHOR NOTE: Book 6 in the Jennifer Cloud series may be read as a stand-alone, but is much more fun if read in order. If you love sexy, hunky heroes and courageous heroines with sass, you’ll love this time travel romance series. Join the adventure.


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