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April 2021 New Releases

Jess Fox, The Marriage Mistake

Kathleen Baldwin, The Persuasion of Miss Kate

Jess Fox

The Marriage Mistake

First Sale

April 23, 3021


What happens when two best friends become bride and groom?

Darcy Ryan is starting to wonder if she’s a magnet for the wrong kind of luck. No matter how many times she dates, it always ends up in disaster. To make matters worse, her family’s constant judgment on the state of her life — and her career — is pushing her to the breaking point.

Her best friend Lucas Vaughn is not interested in a relationship. He’s seen how things can end and isn’t about to open himself up to the kind of hurt that comes when the person you love leaves you. But hanging on to his single status is holding him back in more ways than one.

Then they stumble on the perfect solution. They already live together, so why not just get married for six months? It’ll get everyone off their backs, help their careers, and give them a break from the singles scene. Everybody wins.

Their plan seems flawless, but the one thing they don’t plan for?

Falling in love.

The Marriage Mistake is a steamy, funny full-length romantic comedy with friends-to-lovers, marriage of convenience, only one bed, hijinks, shenanigans, and heart.


Kathleen Baldwin

The Persuasion of Miss Kate

My Notorious Aunt Series, Book 4

April 27, 2021

221 pages

Miss Kate Linnet yearns for independence above all else, but Lord Colter is determined to persuade her to marry.

Kate adores her younger sisters, but taking care of them ever since her mother died has her longing for freedom. Or so she thinks.

Marriage is most assuredly not the answer. After all, with marriage comes more responsibility and inevitably more children. Despite knowing that, two years ago, she agreed to marry Lord Colter. Devil take his boyish charm! And those roguish dark eyes of his. She never should have said yes. The more he pushed for a wedding date, the more she found fault with him. Finally, having had enough, he broke off their engagement in the middle of the Clapsforth-on-Wye assembly ball. During the cotillion!

In front of everyone.


After such public humiliation, Kate wants to escape her crumbling life entirely. When her aunt, the notorious Lady Alameda, offers her a London Season, Kate readily accepts, but soon discovers her mischievous aunt is making her already tumultuous life worse.

Will Lord Colter rebuild the bridge between them, or will Kate let their chances at love and happiness slip through her fingers once again?

A sweet, funny, somewhat inspirational Regency Romance from an award-winning author.

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